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3D-Fueled Efficiencies at Vermeer

Vermeer Corporation creates efficiencies in its design review and assembly processes.

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Executive Summary

Vermeer builds large machines that have complex hydraulic and electronic components and assemblies. The job of the fluid power and systems teams is to create rules and guidance frameworks to aid engineering groups across the company in being intentional and purposeful in how they route hoses and harnesses. For instance, their advice helps mechanical engineers avoid routing hoses and harnesses sharp edges, moving parts, and accommodate the radius limits of different hose or harness types.

Before partnering with Vertex, Vermeer’s design teams struggled to collaborate efficiently. Engineers may have had to wait for a scheduled all-hands design review to share changes. It is essential to have a tool that allows issues to be found and fixed during the design phase in the most efficient way possible. The following is a recap of the challenges Vermeer Corporation faced, how they were solved by partnering with Vertex, and the added benefits Vermeer has experienced. 

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A Resource Heavy Design Review Process

The main challenge for Vermeer was its assembly review process and getting feedback from stakeholders. Vermeer’s engineering 3D CAD models are very large and highly complex, and the review process was very resource intensive. Due to the size of the models, flat models were often utilized.

The Solution

Vertex Software Improves Collaboration Efficiency

Today the feedback and review process at Vermeer is appreciably more efficient. Now the fluid power and systems teams can upload CAD models and merge them in Vertex Connect, track version history, and increase security.  And Vertex does all this without requiring specialized hardware or software to be installed on the user’s machine. Instead, rendering of the 3D scene happens on the cloud, making more of the model viewable without the use of files or the need to simplify them.

Zero install also means collaborators can access the 3D data from any internet-connected device, including low-powered devices.

The immediate benefit is that they no longer need to be physically present together to provide feedback. As a collaboration platform, Vertex provides an asynchronous method of communication, enabling participants, no matter where they are located, to provide input quickly with built-in tools like markups, 3D pins and comments directly on the 3D model. Engineers can use their time more effectively because they don’t have to sit waiting their turn in the process.

“Vertex and Vertex Connect allowed us to bring in models easily, making design reviews more meaningful and powerful” -Grant Fidler, Design Engineer
“We can run Vertex on our phone and show complex information without needing a lot of computing power" -Ethan Roth, Project Engineer
“There is value in using people’s time more effectively. There is a fixed cost with engineering that must be absorbed into the product cost. The more efficient our engineers are, we can offer a better cost structure for that machine in the marketplace. Vertex also allows us to bring machines to market sooner.” -Bill O’Neil, Engineering Manager

Vertex Optimizes Assembly Process

While the value brought to the design review process was vital, Vermeer also saw added value in the prototype assembly process. With Vertex, they can identify issues in the prototype build process, allowing engineers to address before the next build.  When the designs are ready to be assembled, providing 3D representations of the product to technicians is a huge help. Currently, the primary visualization is 2D drawings of the intended routes and components. With Vertex Software, assemblers can view everything in 3D and “move around” the machine to understand the designer’s intent behind the hose and harness routes.  But the benefits don’t stop there. Vermeer discovered a significant advantage when documenting best practices, as all the comments and suggestions are saved in Vertex.

“It’s a good way for us to document what needs to be addressed in future versions of the different parts. Not just the hose and harness routes, but mechanical parts as well.” -Hayley Langley, Project Engineer




Vertex as a Trusted Partner

Even more critical to Vermeer was the value of Vertex as a trusted partner. Roth said that what excited them was how Vertex responded to a list of specific suggestions his team had early in the implementation.

The willingness to listen to us and act on those suggestions effectively–that’s the biggest value that I always discuss with people here. It’s where I think this partnership can continue to go in the future. Vertex excels on the customer service and support side. Quite frankly, that’s something you don’t get with the bigger software companies. You may have a number to call, but you’re not always talking to the same person. The service level we receive from Vertex is significantly elevated beyond that.” -Ethan Roth, Project Engineer

While Vermeer sees opportunities to expand the use of Vertex software in other departments, such as sales and service, the immediate goal is widespread use across all engineering departments.


Services: ECS, S3,RDS, MSK, Elasticache

“The software speaks for itself. Once somebody uses it on one project, they will continue to use it and make it part of their everyday process. That shows the future capabilities and opportunity to integrate the platform into our use cases and workflows even more. We want to continue working with Vertex to grow that user base.” -Grant Fidler, Design Engineer

About Vermeer Corporation

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