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Terex Drives Great Customer Experiences

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With Vertex, Terex Utilities Improves Sales Process and Reduces Rework

Terex Utilities is a leading global manufacturer of aerial devices, digger derricks, and auger drills for the electric utility industry. Like most manufacturers, Terex Utilities has used 3D CAD to design its products for years. However, the specialized software, hardware, and systems integration required for 3D made it painful, and difficult to use outside of Engineering. Terex Utilities relied on 2D drawings with customers but understood the well-known benefits of 3D and wanted to extend it to their Sales team. So they turned to Vertex Software and its cloud-based approach to 3D visualization to overcome the historical challenges of using 3D CAD beyond Engineering.

After partnering with Vertex Software, Terex brought its equipment drawings to life in 3D with Vertex Connect. As a result, their customers could now see what they were buying right before their eyes, a real-life visualization of their future truck. With Vertex Connect, Terex Utilities unleashed the potential of their 3D CAD investments, delighted their customers, and gained substantial time and cost efficiencies.