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RFQ Optimization at Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco needed to improve its collaboration processes with global OEM customers to shorten response timelines and increase RFQ responses and win rates.
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Executive Summary

In its first six months of use, Atlas Copco doubled their number of RFQ responses and achieved a near 100% close rate from a single Class 8 truck manufacturing plant by responding to RFQs with Vertex Software, resulting in an ROI of nearly 20,000%. With Vertex, Atlas Copco increased sales revenue and improved customer confidence and satisfaction, all while reducing the time needed to respond to customers' RFQs giving them a distinct competitive advantage.



"Combining 3D data casts the vision for how a solution will work in real life without needing the actual tool. I have a 90% close rate when I present deals with Vertex." -Tim Kuhls, Sales Manager
“I’ve spent 28 hours translating a file Vertex opened in seconds.”



Quantitative ROI

  • $35% increase in 2022 sales revenue at a single manufacturing plant
  • Total six-month savings
    • 75% reduction in RFQ prep time
    • 85% reduction in travel time
    • 50% decrease in meeting time per RFQ
    • Cost avoidance reducing the use of specialized engineering resources
  • Atlas Copco shared a 18,693% cumulative return on Vertex investment

Qualitative ROI

  • Improved customer experience
    • Enabled a client to bring products to market faster by reducing RFQ response time to a single day.
    • Delivered tooling 20x faster by shortening RFQ response timelines.
    • Increased customer confidence through a more compelling visual experience demonstrating that Atlas Copco tooling would deliver as promised.



Services: ECS, S3, RDS, MSK, Elasticache

Vertex Software delivers a superior manufacturing supply chain solution that increases sales by accelerating RFQ response times, decreases costs, and improves overall customer experience.